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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

	Corporate Law</p>

 We provide the legal assistance for the  establishment of companies and legal representation before the competent authorities and institutions.We draft the By-laws of the company, draft and conclude agreements between the shareholders/Board of Directors, keep the Minutesof Shareholders/Board of Directors, publish the relevant Notices before the Business Registry. Litigation/legal representation of the clients before the Courts against claims/lawsuits from bank/financial/investment institutions (leasing/factoring/investment companies and institutions) or third parties.

We specialize on restructuring Companies, drafting the guidelines and the legal methods applicable to the client’s business profile/company shape and pursuance (such as art. 99 Liquation Law/OCT or any other law mechanism.

Legal counseling of the companies on the issues of compliance with the law on personal data (GDPR) and the impact on employment.